Thanks for the thoughts. I appreciate reading about it as I definitely don't want to see it (!). I loved the films when they first came out but since then I regretted ever seeing them as the LOTR of my imagination (from the books) faded and it's v hard if not impossible to get back to pre-Mortensen Aragorn in my head. So I (maybe overly simplistically) resolved not to watch any movie adaptations of books I love.

I know that the prequels are just that, but still, the world, the elves, the architecture, the vibe. I don't want my reading of the books corrupted any more than it needs to be! Maybe my imaginative powers are just too weak...

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Pleased to hear that it is enjoyable so far! My concerns with story are the same as with other prequels - the author started their story at a certain point for good reasons, will a new story created before-hand feel artificial (created for the franchise potential) rather than being truly compelling?

Enjoying this blog Caleb!

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