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2 - How imagination shapes and reveals our hearts - L'Abri Lecture

2 - How imagination shapes and reveals our hearts - L'Abri Lecture

Exploring the importance of imagination to discipleship

This week I’m pleased to share with you a talk that I gave on Imaginative Discipleship at L’Abri Fellowship, England on 30th September 2022. Thanks to L’Abri for letting me share the recording here on the podcast!

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How imagination shapes and reveals our hearts

How does the renewal of our imaginations shape our Christian life and witness?

How do we cultivate the renewal of our imaginations by the Spirit through the Word, for life in the world?

I explore the nature of the imagination and how it connects to the biblical theme of the heart, the importance of imaginative renewal for our discipleship, and suggests some steps we can take to help participate in God's redemption of our imaginations. 

Download the lecture slides.

Fieldmoot and Zoom Q&A

I’m also excited that this talk will be part of Fieldmoot, an online conference to celebrate and encourage Christians in the creative arts, 3rd to 6th November 2022.

I’ll be releasing the video recording of the talk as part of Fieldmoot, and doing a live Q&A on Zoom to discuss it further on Friday 4th November.

Sign up at for the full programme and to join in!

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What is L’Abri Fellowship?

L’Abri is a community that’s been a very special place for me in my own journey of discipleship. It’s a place of shelter where students can go and join in the life of the community, and explore honest answers to life’s big questions.

You can find out more, including subscribing to the L’Abri lecture podcast, at For more resources, visit the L'Abri Ideas Library at The library contains over one thousand lectures and discussions that explore questions about the reality and relevance of Christianity.

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Imaginative Discipleship Podcast
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